Surface textures in μ-precision with tape finish technology

Thielenhaus Superfinish Innovation


– your partner in surface improvement using tape finishing technology.

Our product portfolio includes Microfinish attachment devices, which can be used as tape finish or stone finish devices on an existing supporting machine such as a lathe or grinding machine, to process individual parts, small batches and prototypes at low cost and high precision and thus achieve high-quality surfaces and geometric improvements on parts such as gear shafts, rolls or piston rods. We also offer CUBE evo and PowerCUBE machine platforms for superfinishing shaft-like components.

More information on Thielenhaus Superfinish Innovation can be found in our company profile.

Our Products and Services

Thielenhaus Superfinish Innovation offers you various microfinishing attachments for mounting on an available supporting machine. These tape or stone finishers can be used to finish the surfaces of shaft-like components. Serial parts are superfinished mechanically on the Cube and PowerCube machine platforms. You have the opportunity to sub-contract the finishing of small series or prototypes to us using our in-house machinery.

News and Press Releases

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St. Gallerstrasse 52
CH - 9548 Matzingen

Tel.: +41 52 376 26 20
Fax: +41 52 376 26 19


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