11.04.2016 | PowerCUBE by Thielenhaus Microfinish: High productivity in ultraprecise machining

High productivity is also possible in the precision-machining of wave-like components, bearing and sealing seats: At GrindTec 2016 in Augsburg, Thielenhaus Microfinish presented a new, extremely fast tape-finish machine. The four-spindle automatic PowerCUBE doesn’t reduce the duration of the tool action; instead, it reduces the machine’s non-productive time to one second and the set-up processes to an absolute minimum.

The spindles are integrated in a round table and can be sealed off from each other. Through 90° strokes, a completed workpiece can be removed and a new one can be loaded. In this way, two workpieces can be machined simultaneously, whilst the detergent wetting for the third spindle is centrifuged. Or, alternatively, a different machining operation can take place. The fourth spindle allows loading and unloading that is unaffected by the main time. Similarly, double-loading, multi-stage processes and combination machining with very short cycle times are possible. 

Thanks to a simplified tape and printing roll changeover system and a high level of accessibility in the working space, set-up times are reduced to a minimum. Optional NC axes support the set-up process with the most common kinds of changeover. With its speedily adjustable tape-finish units, the modular construction guarantees flexible, cost-neutral configuration for the most varied workpieces; in the standard working area, these can have dimensions of up to 50 mm diameter and 400 mm length. 

The self-explanatory user operation surface with its pull-down menus is ahead of the field in innovation. All settings can be carried out quickly and easily by the operator him- or herself, without special training. The machine’s interface allows the adaptation of a great range of automation solutions. Despite its high performance, the PowerCUBE is surprisingly compact: its footprint measures only 1,200 x 1,940 mm.

1-PowerCube Sperfinish- Microfinishbearbeitung von Wellen und wellenförmigen BauteilennThanks to extremely short cycle times – due to short non-productive times and set-up times – the Thielenhaus Microfinish PowerCUBE makes very high productivity a reality.


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