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Your workpieces in the best of hands

It is becoming increasingly common that components and workpieces have to satisfy complex geometric requirements and/or greater loads. In such cases, surface precision machining is generally applied. We are able to produce the surface structures and surface roughness you require quickly and cost-effectively with our tape finishing machines and automated CUBE finishing cells. We can finish individual pieces or series for you using the machines best suited to the job and make our process and production engineering knowledge available to you. Measurement protocols in stipulated numbers are also included in delivery. On request, we can also carry out development work for your surface projects.


As a leading provider of Superfinish solutions and as an ISO-9001-certified company, we offer only the best quality with our subcontracting service.


Our experts can rely on decades of experience and in-house technological developments, which enjoy a leading status on the global market. We are also equipped with a cutting-edge measurement laboratory that can be used to confirm your high-precision results regarding surface (Ra, Rz, Rpk, Rvk), contact ratio (Tpi), roundness, flatness and/or targeted crowning, etc., without any additional effort.


Thielenhaus Superfinish Innovation has a large stock of machinery and its own subcontracting department at its disposal, allowing us to handle your enquiries at any time. Orders for individual pieces as well as small and medium-sized batches are possible. Even very short delivery times can be catered for by prior arrangement.


We exclusively use our own staff and facilities for the machining as well as in-house developed processes and machines. We make the confidential handling of our customer information a top priority.



Mit Microfinish / Superfinish bearbeitbare Werkstück-Typen Kurbelwellen, Nockenwellen, Wellen, Kugellagerringe, Ringe, Bremsscheiben, Zahnräder, Kugeln, Kalotten, Pleuelstangen


The following workpiece types are finished in our subcontracting department:

  • Shafts
  • Centreless
  • Balls
  • Flat finish parts
  • Special parts


NASCAR-Fahrzeug mit Thielenhaus Microfinish-Logo


Thielenhaus Superfinish Technical Surfaces is a great option for motorsport teams and high-performance engine and drive manufacturers. The extremely precise surface machining enables motorsport racers to reduce the friction between components in brakes, combustion engines, etc. and thus increase vehicle performance by what is often a decisive margin.
For many years Thielenhaus has collaborated with different racing teams in Formula One and NASCAR, etc. in order to extract the best possible performance from critical components. 
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