The KG50-DB tape finisher is a double-tape machine and can process two immediately adjacent batches simultaneously.
The diameters of the batches can be different. Each finishing tape can be operated at a different feed speed.


Oscillation frequency 300 – 1,400 double strokes per minute
Oscillation path Standard +/- 1 mm, optional +/- 0.5; +/- 1.5; +/- 2 mm
Tape feed rate 2 x 10 – 100 mm/min
Contact stroke Standard 40 mm, optional 70, 100 mm
Contact pressure 50 – 300 N (1 – 6 bar), optional 80 – 480 N
Tape contact roller width max. 2 x 25 mm, single-side mounted
Tape contact roller hardness Standard 65 ShA, optional 35, 50, 90 ShA
Control voltage 24 VDC
Weight 16.5 kg


Electric Connection to industrial adapter
Required control boards maxon DECS50/5; 343253; 3x
Pneumatic Connection to valve, 2 x 6 bar


  • Clamping cylinder for vertical integration into the machine
  • Various control sensors

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